Top 5 Homecoming King & Queen Stories from NDSAM

  October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month (NDSAM). And, each year, as regularly as football games kick-off, there are stories of high school students with Down syndrome being crowned homecoming king and queen. Some of the reporting is of the patronizing sort, which rightly deserves the derision by my friend Krista Flint (and other champions of inclusion). But, it seems with increasing frequency, there are fewer stories about the young person "suffering" from Down syndrome Continue Reading

Did you get to make a choice?

In 2007, professional guidelines changed. Now, it is recommended that all expectant mothers be offered prenatal testing for Down syndrome. Previously, offering prenatal testing was limited to mothers termed "AMA" or advanced maternal age, i.e. 35 or older. When issuing its updated guidelines, ACOG issued a press release to clarify that the recommendation was simply to offer  prenatal testing for Down syndrome, not that expectant mothers should have prenatal testing. But how effective was ACOG's Continue Reading

Welcome to Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing

Welcome to Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing, a blog devoted to prenatal testing for Down syndrome. Here, the ever-advancing developments in prenatal testing for Down syndrome will be covered, along with helpful resources for practitioners and expectant patients. This blog will also feature commentary and analysis of research studies concerning prenatal testing and/or Down syndrome, as well as media reports and testimonials about living a life with Down syndrome. Those involved in prenatal Continue Reading