Happy Mother’s Day: Thank you for believing

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you to all the moms for believing in their children.

The above video is from American Idol. Contestant Rayvon Owen sings Justin Bieber’s “Believe.” I was not familiar with the song before, but I found this version very moving. I think you will, too, particularly when he turns to sing to his mom.

The lyrics resonated as well. In this age when more women than ever will be finding out prenatally, maybe hearing this song will be helpful.

Receiving a prenatal result for Down syndrome is unexpected, jarring, and, understandably fills moms with doubt. Will I be able to take care of this child? What will this mean for the rest of my family? How will my child be treated growing up?

That’s why having a mom believe in their child is so critical. A child lacking that mother’s belief in him or her makes a life, already with some challenges, that much more challenging.

Tell me why

Meriah Nichols is a prolific blogger and photographer. I commend this post of hers where she looks back on her prenatal experience and says “Tell me why” to all the wrong predictions made about her lovely daughter Moxie.


If you watched the video, post a comment letting me know if you shed a tear (I did). 


  1. Kari Wagner-Peck says:

    Sorry I did not comment sooner! Terrific! I thought it was his best performance yet and he did bring IT to a song I was also not familiar with:)

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