News coverage on the Kentucky Down Syndrome Information Act

My daughter's reaction to seeing herself on the TV monitor

My daughter’s reaction to seeing herself on the TV monitor

In 2013, as part of October being National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, WHAS-11, the local ABC affiliate, hosted my daughter and me for a segment on the Kentucky Down Syndrome Information Act. 

You can view the interview at this link.

The new law is KRS 211.192 and requires any health provider that delivers a test result for Down syndrome, prenatally or postnatally, to also provide medically-reviewed information about Down syndrome and referral to the local Down syndrome support organization.

The written materials to be provided are through the National Center for Prenatal & Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources.

The Kentucky Department for Public Health has posted a website summarizing the law’s requirements and providing the links to the National Center and the local Down syndrome groups around Kentucky.

Anyone who has ever appeared on TV knows how quickly the time seems to go. Looking back on the video, my two regrets are failing to mention the Kentucky Department of Public Health’s website and not having Juliet take a more prominent role during the segment. While a few may remember the odd profile shot of me talking, more would have remembered hearing from Juliet.

That said, I’m grateful for the opportunity and hope that many health care providers were tuned in during the lunch hour to learn about the new law and available resources.


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