Response to Art Caplan: provide ALL the recommended information with prenatal testing for Down syndrome

Caplan MedScape

  The headline for Art Caplan’s March column for Medscape asked “Disclosing Down syndrome to pregnant patients: must you give an upside?” In it, Caplan raises concerns about recent legislative efforts concerning delivering test results for Down syndrome. His concerns, however, are not based on what those laws actually require.

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Our story: Becoming a National Park Service Junior Ranger

Hopewell Culture Sign

Here are some photos from our 2016 Spring Break trip and how Juliet and James became Junior Rangers many times over. 

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Eugenics: then and now in the era of prenatal testing for Down syndrome

Prof Paul Lombardo with the historical marker re: Buck v. Bell

Is prenatal testing for Down syndrome eugenics? Let’s compare how eugenics programs were justified in the past with how prenatal testing is currently administered.

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Indiana bans Down syndrome selective abortions


Well … not exactly. Read to the end to see what the law says, what it actually does, and the problem that it codifies about Down syndrome. 

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The impact of a life with Down syndrome


What is the impact of a life with Down syndrome? A new study reports on the impact on families and one young woman’s life testifies to the impact a life with Down syndrome can have.  

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What does your cell free DNA screen result for Down syndrome mean?


This is a question that gets asked at least once a week in a comment to one of the hundreds of posts on this blog: my blood test just came back for Down syndrome–what does it mean? Fortunately, there’s an on-line tool to help understand these results. 

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Abortion, the Supreme Court, & Down syndrome

SC Building

Wednesday, March 2, 2016, the United Supreme Court heard arguments on the first major abortion case before it in years. It reveals what is at issue with the vacancy on the court due to Justice Scalia’s death and the option most women choose following a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome: abortion.

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Our story: juvenile attitudes towards people with Down syndrome

CG Saddle

A hike through Cumberland Gap National Historical Park provided a teachable moment.

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Envisioning a life with a child with Down syndrome

Image from Superbowl 50 SunTrust Ad

Envisioning a life with a child with Down syndrome is one of the biggest challenges for most expectant parents receiving a prenatal test result. Here’s how the testing laboratories’ images frame that future and what resources are available to help patients see the possibilities of a future with a child with Down syndrome.

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