GONE: estimate reduced by 20% of people with Down syndrome in United States


In 2013, researchers estimated that the total number of people living in the United States was 40% less than the historically cited number. Three years later, that estimate has been revised down further by 20%.

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Abortion: hard to talk about when no one will say the word


The American College of Medical Genetics & Genomics (ACMG) issued an updated statement on how cell free DNA screening should be done. It’s not clear, though, why cfDNA screening should be done.

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Our story: what we saw & learned at Western Pennsylvania NPS sites

Fort Necessity

This past weekend was the last before school began. So, we set out to Western Pennsylvania to check off a few more National Park Services sites in my kids’ passport books. 

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A new web app for Down syndrome prenatal resources

Lettercase web app

There is a new way to access in more ways than ever the most widely-recognized and acclaimed resource for parents receiving a prenatal test result for Down syndrome. 

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Indiana Federal Judge: Down syndrome selective abortions will increase & preventing them would be irreparable harm


A federal judge has ruled that Indiana’s statutory ban on Down syndrome-selective abortions is likely unconstitutional and to not allow women to selectively terminate would amount to irreparable harm. 

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Our Story: camping, hiking, & canoeing the Red River Gorge

James & Juliet at the visitors center located in Red River Gorge

This post will have many photographs of a camping trip my kids and I took. They are images that many parents can’t imagine when they’re told their child has Down syndrome. 

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Muhammad Ali and Predictions

Ali's Boyhood Home, Louisville, Ky.

On Friday, June 3, 2016, Muhammad Ali finished his last fight and left us. His life and how he lived it offered many lessons. Here’s one on making predictions about another’s life. 

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Our Story: An Open Thank You Note to My Daughter’s Elementary School

Juliet receiving her certificate for completing elementary school.

I’m of the generation whose mothers made them write thank you notes for gifts received. Consider this an open thank you note to the gift my daughter’s elementary school gave her and us. 

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Mary Harris’ Only Human on Down syndrome prenatal testing: corrections and appreciation


Mary Harris reported on a woman that launched the search for a prenatal test for Down syndrome. While some key corrections should be made for any future reports, overall, Harris’ is a piece of reporting to be appreciated. 

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