Eclipsing Down syndrome

On August 21, 2017, the first full solar eclipse spanned the continental United States. Our family was there to see it and the experience prompted this reflection on what the world is doing to those with Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Baby Doe Redux, but even worse

In March, parents trusted their doctors with the care for their son with a very rare condition. The doctors have now convinced courts to rule that death is more beneficial for the child than continued treatment. And, the parents can't do anything about it.  Continue Reading

Our Story: An Open Thank You Note to My Daughter’s Elementary School

I'm of the generation whose mothers made them write thank you notes for gifts received. Consider this an open thank you note to the gift my daughter's elementary school gave her and us.  Continue Reading

Our story: juvenile attitudes towards people with Down syndrome

A hike through Cumberland Gap National Historical Park provided a teachable moment. Continue Reading

Our story: A compliment at Chick-fil-A

A stop on a roadtrip, and the simplest of compliments, reminded me of how good some people can be towards others, particularly those who happen to have Down syndrome. Continue Reading

A birthday card & David Foster Wallace’s This is Water

Saturday, I went to see the film, "The End of the Tour," about David Lipsky's interview of the author David Foster Wallace. Earlier that day, I received my first card for my birthday at the end of the month. The card exemplified what Wallace called the big "T" truth.  Continue Reading

Pixar’s Inside Out: moron, mongo, and normalizing disability bigotry

Pixar released a movie Inside Out featuring characters embodying human emotions which are played out inside people's minds. A mom calls attention to how Pixar has normalized disability bigotry for viewers of Inside Out. Continue Reading

From the news page: NHL, NPR, NIH, & Baby Gammy Update

From the News page, some good news, some incorrect news (reporting), and a new development for Baby Gammy: Continue Reading

Bad news start to new year for those with disabilities

Here are some recent headlines that kick 2015 off with some bad news. But the last item provides some light amongst the darkness. Continue Reading