Podcast Episode 1, What does your prenatal test result for Down syndrome mean?

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Adoption: Absolutely Beautiful

Here is a nine-minute video that introduces the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network and its director, Stephanie Thompson.  Continue Reading

A new web app for Down syndrome prenatal resources

There is a new way to access in more ways than ever the most widely-recognized and acclaimed resource for parents receiving a prenatal test result for Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Envisioning a life with a child with Down syndrome

Envisioning a life with a child with Down syndrome is one of the biggest challenges for most expectant parents receiving a prenatal test result. Here's how the testing laboratories' images frame that future and what resources are available to help patients see the possibilities of a future with a child with Down syndrome. Continue Reading

How Down syndrome prenatal screening’s administration is about elimination … & what’s needed to change that

In her column in Forbes, Kavin Senapathy, a self-styled scientific mythbuster, took on claims that prenatal genetic testing has as its purpose eliminating those with Down syndrome. Unfortunately, her column retold myths and she based her mythbusting on fantasy. Continue Reading

Our story: IQ, IEPs, & Injustice

Yesterday, I attended a three-hour IEP meeting for my daughter. It demonstrated the systematic injustice that disables those it labels disabled. Continue Reading

The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome: A Review

There's a new resource for parents of children with Down syndrome. It may be just right for you. Continue Reading

Ohio’s Down Syndrome Fact Sheet: Revision Needed

At the end of 2014, Ohio joined the states in passing the Down Syndrome Information Act (DSIA). Almost a year later, its Department of Health has issued the fact sheet to be provided all patients. Let's take a look at it. Continue Reading

Obstetricians’ 2016 Resolutions for Prenatal Genetic Testing

With the start of 2016, obstetricians, like everyone else, are making their New Year's resolutions. Here are their resolutions for counseling their patients about prenatal genetic testing.  Continue Reading