Presidents’ Day: who did the most for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilites?

It's Presidents' Day: which President did the most for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities? Continue Reading

Our story: juvenile attitudes towards people with Down syndrome

A hike through Cumberland Gap National Historical Park provided a teachable moment. Continue Reading

2015 Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing Year in Review

Here are the top five posts posted in 2015: Continue Reading

ISIS issues fatwa to kill children with Down syndrome: is that wrong?

The Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (ISIS) has issued a fatwa to kill children with disabilities, including those with Down syndrome. Is this wrong? Continue Reading

Our story: defying expectations to make a difference

Over the Labor Day Weekend, my kids and I went camping at Lincoln State Park in Southern Indiana. As my daughter walked where Lincoln did, I thought of defying expectations to make a difference.  Continue Reading

Same birthday, competing legacies

Ten score and several years ago today, Abraham Lincoln was born. On that same February 12, 1809 Charles Darwin also was born. The ideas championed by these men and their competing legacies twist through history like the spiraling parallel sides of DNA. Continue Reading

Leo, abandonment, & life with Down syndrome in some places

The story of baby Leo, his parents' divorce, and his father's fundraising has blown up on the internet. Here's something that may be getting lost in the shuffle.  Continue Reading

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: finally a memorial for the disabled

In 2014, a memorial was finally erected for those first victims of the Nazi euthanasia program: the disabled. Continue Reading

Burden or caregiver?

A report on elderly parents of individuals with Down syndrome living longer lives offers a perspective for expectant parents to consider. Continue Reading