Labs Band Together To Increase Coverage for Their Prenatal Tests

I have a post at the Prenatal Information Research Consortium about a coalition of prenatal testing laboratories seeking increased insurance coverage for their cell free DNA screening tests. It addresses the possible issues raised by this coalition representing in its mission to provide useful information to providers and insurers, while also working to increase reimbursement by private and public insurers. You can read more about the Coalition at my post linked here. Continue Reading

What does your cell free DNA screen result for Down syndrome mean?

This is a question that gets asked at least once a week in a comment to one of the hundreds of posts on this blog: my blood test just came back for Down syndrome--what does it mean? Fortunately, there's an on-line tool to help understand these results.  Continue Reading

How Down syndrome prenatal screening’s administration is about elimination … & what’s needed to change that

In her column in Forbes, Kavin Senapathy, a self-styled scientific mythbuster, took on claims that prenatal genetic testing has as its purpose eliminating those with Down syndrome. Unfortunately, her column retold myths and she based her mythbusting on fantasy. Continue Reading

Sarah Knapton: Please update your inaccurate, biased report on the NHS offering NIPT to high-risk mums

Sarah Knapton reports in The Telegraph that Britain's National Health Service will offer non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). The inaccuracies and biases of the report require an update. Continue Reading

2015 Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing Year in Review

Here are the top five posts posted in 2015: Continue Reading

Prenatal Testing Stakeholder Symposium to be held in Washington DC

Thursday, July 16, 2015, an oft-stated, but rarely occurring, meeting will be held. If you can get there, I hope to see you in attendance. Continue Reading

News: prenatal testing, rising number of abortions, and cancer

From the News page, here's a collection of tweets of mine on news reported this week: Continue Reading

What exactly is MaterniT21, Harmony, verifi, & Panorama testing?

If more women were accurately counseled about what exactly cell free DNA is testing, they would immediately understand that their test results are never diagnostic. Continue Reading

News: Sequenom’s patent invalidated, Ron Burgundy commentary, & informed consent concerns raised

From the News page, some significant developments concerning cell free DNA, with commentary by Anchorman Ron Burgundy: Continue Reading