American Idol Caleb Johnson, you just lost your biggest fan. Here’s how to win her back.

This week Caleb Johnson is in the final four for the contestants on American Idol. But, because of a stupid comment, he just lost his biggest fan. Here's how to win her back. [This post has been updated; scroll to the bottom for updates]. Continue Reading

“What you call people is how you treat them”: the significance of the r-word campaign

Today is the day to raise awareness about the R-word campaign, led by Special Olympics and Best Buddies. You can sign the pledge here to make "retard" and "retarded" go the way of the "N-word" and become the "r-word." It is a significant campaign, even if some consider it mere semantics or political correctness.  Continue Reading

What do you say when you hear the “R-word”?

Recently, my wife and I went out for a nice evening. That was the intention, at least. Then, at dinner, we overheard from our neighboring table the "r-word." I wonder, what do you say when you hear the "r-word"?  Continue Reading

Paradise, interrupted

Bonnie Rochman, a columnist for TIME magazine, has a new post about her trip to paradise being interrupted. It informs how a diagnosis for Down syndrome is delivered and processed by expectant parents. Rochman writes about her son entering a T-shirt shop selling shirts that made fun of individuals with intellectual disabilities. By coincidence, a family with a child with Down syndrome entered the store soon after Rochman saw the T-shirts. She writes: I felt panicky. As a mother, I wanted to Continue Reading