Will the FDA regulate Sequenom (and other cfDNA labs)?

Sequenom launched its MaterniT21 cell free DNA screen on the marketplace in October 2011. Four years later, screens like Sequenom's remain largely unregulated. The FDA is moving to change that. Continue Reading

Sequenom’s Whole Genome Sequencing: Reckless Prenatal Care

Sequenom, the maker of MaterniT21, has announced a further expansion of its testing: MaterniT Genome. This continues the reckless practice of prenatal genetic testing.  Continue Reading

What exactly is MaterniT21, Harmony, verifi, & Panorama testing?

If more women were accurately counseled about what exactly cell free DNA is testing, they would immediately understand that their test results are never diagnostic. Continue Reading

News: Sequenom’s patent invalidated, Ron Burgundy commentary, & informed consent concerns raised

From the News page, some significant developments concerning cell free DNA, with commentary by Anchorman Ron Burgundy: Continue Reading

Noninvasive Prenatal Screening in the News

From the News page: a new NIPS provider, and financial news about two others. Continue Reading

Photo tour of ACMG 2015

Last week, I attended and presented at the American College of Medical Genetics & Genomics annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is a photo tour from the conference.  Continue Reading

1-in-5 pregnant women have NIPT

And Sequenom posted its first net profit last quarter.  Continue Reading

What’s (still) missing from the new prenatal test

At the beginning of February, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine held its annual conference. Again it was reported that the new non-invasive prenatal test is inferior to traditional screening because it misses too many conditions. Continue Reading

What’s wrong with the Yahoo! story of why a mom terminated her pregnancy for Down syndrome

What's wrong is that the decision was made after receiving false information, not all the information, and without seeking more information. And, what's more, this is happening so often as to be the norm of how prenatal testing is administered. Continue Reading