Our Story: D.C. & Traveling with a Child with Down syndrome (2 of 3)

This is the second of three installments about our family's recent tour of D.C. for the kids' Spring Break. The first installment provided a rundown of the many sites we visited. This post will share a message for new and expectant parents of children with Down syndrome (but others may appreciate it as well). Continue Reading

Our Story: D.C. & Interconnected Lives (1 of 3)

Spring Break 2017 was spent touring the District of Columbia with an emphasis on National Parks Service sites. Here is the first of three posts inspired by that trip. This post is a rundown of the sites we visited and some of the highlights at each. The next post will have a message for new and expectant parents based on this trip. The final post will seek to learn from these history lessons and apply them to modern day advocacy efforts by and on behalf of those with Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Our Story: camping, hiking, & canoeing the Red River Gorge

This post will have many photographs of a camping trip my kids and I took. They are images that many parents can't imagine when they're told their child has Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Muhammad Ali and Predictions

On Friday, June 3, 2016, Muhammad Ali finished his last fight and left us. His life and how he lived it offered many lessons. Here's one on making predictions about another's life.  Continue Reading

Rewriting the story of Down syndrome

For many, thanks to deinstitutionalization, education inclusion, and medical treatments, they know a different Down syndrome than others. This new knowledge is rewriting the story of Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Where Hope Grows: a role for Down syndrome

Where Hope Grows, a film that opened on May 15, 2015, shows there is a role for Down syndrome in this world. Continue Reading

Where Hope Grows: National Premiere this Friday

It's getting hot outside and the summer blockbusters are rolling out. Make plans to go see Where Hope Grows when it premieres this Friday, May 15, 2015 at a theater near you. Continue Reading

Leo, abandonment, & life with Down syndrome in some places

The story of baby Leo, his parents' divorce, and his father's fundraising has blown up on the internet. Here's something that may be getting lost in the shuffle.  Continue Reading

Burden or caregiver?

A report on elderly parents of individuals with Down syndrome living longer lives offers a perspective for expectant parents to consider. Continue Reading