The “tender languor” of Down syndrome

Juliet overcoming her hypotonia (thanks to PT from Michelle Wilder)

Juliet overcoming her hypotonia (thanks to PT from Michelle Wilder)

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small talk (about BIG things)


I’m having the pleasure of reading Amy Julia Becker’s newest book, small talk. I expect you will enjoy it as well.

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Medical outreach as cosmic justice


This past weekend, I trained the Bloomington, Indiana-based parent support organization, the Down Syndrome Family Connection, on engaging in effective medical outreach. What I didn’t share at the training was how it was a bit of cosmic justice for what happened in Bloomington years ago.

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How to deliver a Down syndrome diagnosis … better


Too many parents have bad experiences from how their medical team delivered the diagnosis that their child has Down syndrome. Fortunately, research, guidelines, and online training exist on how best to deliver the diagnosis.

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Three years on, what have we learned about non-invasive prenatal screening?

Three years ago, a new prenatal test for Down syndrome entered the market offering earlier, safer, and more accurate results. What have we learned about this new technology since then?

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The ripple effect of medical outreach

Your author exhibiting at 2014 ACOG Region V & VII conference

This past weekend, I staffed an exhibit booth for an obstetrics conference. I look forward to hearing how our efforts effected positive change in serving patients.

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Into our 2nd decade of Down syndrome awareness walks

At the 2014 DSL Walk

My family attended our local Down syndrome walk for the 11th straight year. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll make this year your first of many of attending your local organization’s walk.

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Don’t predict what a person with Down syndrome can’t do

DeSanctis signing autographs Saturday evening

This Saturday, after our local Down syndrome awareness walk, the film “Produce” had it’s Louisville premiere. It showed how you can’t predict what a person with Down syndrome will be able to do.

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Louisville Premiere: “Produce” the Movie!

Your author & his family at Slugger Field 2013 as crowd members for scene in  Produce

This Saturday night is the Louisville premiere of the movie Produce. What a great way to kick off National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

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