Florida passes the Down Syndrome Information Act

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Some prenatal information–just to know–is unacceptable


So says Zuzana Deans, Angus Clarke  & Ainsley Newson in their article in the issue of Bioethics devoted to whether a new bioethics is needed for non-invasive prenatal screening. 

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Down syndrome: dad keeps son, a mom terminates, and a state tries to ban selective abortions

Three stories that kicked off 2015 involving Down syndrome have drawn commentary from fellow parent/bloggers worth considering:

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What’s (still) missing from the new prenatal test


At the beginning of February, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine held its annual conference. Again it was reported that the new non-invasive prenatal test is inferior to traditional screening because it misses too many conditions.

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What’s wrong with the Yahoo! story of why a mom terminated her pregnancy for Down syndrome

by Petr Kratochvil, photo courtesy of www.publicdomainpictures.net

What’s wrong is that the decision was made after receiving false information, not all the information, and without seeking more information. And, what’s more, this is happening so often as to be the norm of how prenatal testing is administered.

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The trade-offs of prenatal testing for Down syndrome

Set of Let's Make A Deal

In the first article in the January 2015 edition of Bioethics devoted to prenatal genetic testing, Jenny Hewison addresses the psychological trade-offs pregnant women must make with prenatal testing decisions.

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Our story: James turns 9


I want to turn to someone who doesn’t receive as much attention here as he should: my son, who turns 9 years old today. 

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Same birthday, competing legacies


Ten score and several years ago today, Abraham Lincoln was born. On that same February 12, 1809 Charles Darwin also was born. The ideas championed by these men and their competing legacies twist through history like the spiraling parallel sides of DNA.

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Leo, abandonment, & life with Down syndrome in some places

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.14.14 PM

The story of baby Leo, his parents’ divorce, and his father’s fundraising has blown up on the internet. Here’s something that may be getting lost in the shuffle. 

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