More informed decisions = less prenatal testing

jama-logoA study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association makes what for some is a surprising finding: when women know more about prenatal testing, fewer of them accept it.

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Consensus: 5 years later @NSGC2014


At this year’s National Society of Genetic Counselors annual conference, an impressive panel was assembled that shared the developments of a historic meeting. The lessons shared will need to be applied even more as prenatal testing progresses.

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The 2014 NSGC AEC in NOLA

Shape of the Eye

This week, I present for the first time at the National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Education Conference. And, that’s not even the best thing.

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Down syndrome screening no longer a recommended preventive service

guide to clinical preventive services 2014

Down syndrome screening is no longer listed as a recommended preventive care service by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. This renders many insurance policies outdated and may avoid instituting an explicitly eugenic policy under the Affordable Care Act.

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New Down syndrome prenatal test not FDA-approved


The newest prenatal test for Down syndrome–non-invasive prenatal screening–is not FDA-approved. It’s not because it doesn’t have to be. But that may change.

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Prenatal screening & probability results for Down syndrome

Dice open source

Odds are good that you don’t understand your prenatal screening probability results for Down syndrome … and neither does your doctor.

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Abortion keeps Down syndrome births stable

Fig. 2

As nonsensical as that headline seems, it’s what’s happening: abortion is keeping the number of babies born with Down syndrome at their historical annual average. This is because we would otherwise be seeing twice as many children born with Down syndrome each year.

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It’s official: Down syndrome is not suffering

From George Takei's Facebook Page, 10/6/13

Richard Dawkins’ tweet on it being immoral not to abort a pregnancy positive for Down syndrome generated many responses. A point of consensus emerged: a life with Down syndrome does not increase suffering. If anything, it increases happiness. 

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More women aborting & continuing Down syndrome pregnancies

Egan et al.

More women than ever are aborting pregnancies positive for Down syndrome. And, at the same time, more women than ever are choosing to continue a pregnancy positive for Down syndrome. 

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