Ignorant people say stupid things about Down syndrome

Austen Heinz

Austen Heinz

From the news page, purportedly independent-thinking people say stupid things about Down syndrome, while a grandmother shares wisdom gained from having a granddaughter with Down syndrome.Continue Reading

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: finally a memorial for the disabled


In 2014, a memorial was finally erected for those first victims of the Nazi euthanasia program: the disabled.

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Our story: 10 years after receiving the diagnosis


This past Saturday, we had an opportunity to see what a difference a decade makes from the day you receive the diagnosis that your child has Down syndrome. 

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Pro-life should not hijack pro-information


By hijacking a law that has bipartisan support for their own agenda, pro-life efforts may actually lead to more abortions of babies with Down syndrome. 

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Indiana bill to ban Down syndrome abortions


A bill has been introduced in Indiana to ban selective abortions for Down syndrome. It has already been the subject of some commentary. Here’s mine. 

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We do not want sympathy, but we do want love and support


At the News page, some highlights on what you can’t expect when you receive a prenatal test result for Down syndrome. 

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Get the facts about Down syndrome prenatal testing

NSGC logo

In effort to clear up the widespread confusion about non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPS), also known as cell free DNA testing, the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) has issued a fact sheet. Get the facts about this testing.

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cell free DNA is NOT Diagnostic

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While this point has been made in multiple professional statements and news reports–including here–the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) felt it worth reminding the world that cell free DNA is NOT diagnostic.

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Ohio passes the Down Syndrome Information Act


Closing out 2014, Ohio became the latest state to pass the Down Syndrome Information Act, making it the fifth state to do so in 2014 and seventh overall.

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