Sequenom’s Whole Genome Sequencing: Reckless Prenatal Care

MaterniT GenomeSequenom, the maker of MaterniT21, has announced a further expansion of its testing: MaterniT Genome. This continues the reckless practice of prenatal genetic testing. Continue Reading

Rewriting the story of Down syndrome

Gaffney TEDx

For many, thanks to deinstitutionalization, education inclusion, and medical treatments, they know a different Down syndrome than others. This new knowledge is rewriting the story of Down syndrome. 

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Laws require Doctors give Down syndrome information with prenatal test

Your author's family at Down Syndrome of Louisville's 2015 Walk

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. In 2015, groups combined in an effort to ensure patients receive accurate information with the delivery of a test result of Down syndrome for their child. 

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Our story: turning two-thirds of a trisomy


Today is my birthday. This year, I’m two-thirds the number of chromosomes for trisomy 21.

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Balancing prenatal information: medical outreach by local Down syndrome support organizations

DSI Medical Outreach

Prenatal testing for Down syndrome is supposed to be about providing information to expectant mothers. But, most mothers are not receiving all the information. Some local support organizations are trying to bridge this information gap.

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A birthday card & David Foster Wallace’s This is Water

bday card cover

Saturday, I went to see the film, “The End of the Tour,” about David Lipsky’s interview of the author David Foster Wallace. Earlier that day, I received my first card for my birthday at the end of the month. The card exemplified what Wallace called the big “T” truth. 

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Our story: defying expectations to make a difference

Juliet at the Indiana Lincoln Bicentennial Memorial

Over the Labor Day Weekend, my kids and I went camping at Lincoln State Park in Southern Indiana. As my daughter walked where Lincoln did, I thought of defying expectations to make a difference. 

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Ohio pro-life bill incentivizes Down syndrome selective abortion

ORTL graphic

The Ohio legislature is considering a bill that would ban an abortion because of a Down syndrome prenatal test result. But, there could be a disturbing unintended consequence if the bill becomes law.

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CNN’s Alisyn Camerota: fact-checking claimed “costs” of Down syndrome lives


In discussing a recent state bill to ban Down syndrome selective abortions, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota corrected her guest on his figures, but the ones she cited are even more troubling. 

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