Our story: these hands

Juliet handsThe hands of people can tell you many things. The hands of those with Down syndrome are no different.Continue Reading

Don’t abort based on MaterniT21

Natera's exhibit booth

Or based on Harmony, verifi, Panorama, or any of the new prenatal blood-based tests for Down syndrome. 

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That transforming 21st chromosome

Nat'l Ctr panelists at AUCD 2014

At this week’s AUCD conference, I got to see how the 21st chromosome has transformed since 1970.

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This week, I attended the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) annual conference where a surprising moment happened. 

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NIPT: finger licking good


Illumina has decided to “franchise” its verifi non-invasive prenatal screening test. Will the franchised tests be just as good?

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Election day: Down syndrome & politics


This week Americans will go to the polls to vote in the mid-term elections. But, on one policy measure concerning Down syndrome, political party is irrelevant.

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The “tender languor” of Down syndrome

Juliet overcoming her hypotonia (thanks to PT from Michelle Wilder)

What if one of the ways you could diagnose a person’s genetic condition was based on how their body feels?

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small talk (about BIG things)


I’m having the pleasure of reading Amy Julia Becker’s newest book, small talk. I expect you will enjoy it as well.

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Medical outreach as cosmic justice


This past weekend, I trained the Bloomington, Indiana-based parent support organization, the Down Syndrome Family Connection, on engaging in effective medical outreach. What I didn’t share at the training was how it was a bit of cosmic justice for what happened in Bloomington years ago.

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