Our story: IQ, IEPs, & Injustice

Juliet & her winning photograph of her brother in the school's art contest

Juliet & her winning photograph of her brother in the school’s art contest

Yesterday, I attended a three-hour IEP meeting for my daughter. It demonstrated the systematic injustice that disables those it labels disabled.

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Sarah Knapton: Please update your inaccurate, biased report on the NHS offering NIPT to high-risk mums


Sarah Knapton reports in The Telegraph that Britain’s National Health Service will offer non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). The inaccuracies and biases of the report require an update.

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The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome: A Review

Guide to DS

There’s a new resource for parents of children with Down syndrome. It may be just right for you.

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Ohio’s Down Syndrome Fact Sheet: Revision Needed


At the end of 2014, Ohio joined the states in passing the Down Syndrome Information Act (DSIA). Almost a year later, its Department of Health has issued the fact sheet to be provided all patients. Let’s take a look at it.

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Obstetricians’ 2016 Resolutions for Prenatal Genetic Testing


With the start of 2016, obstetricians, like everyone else, are making their New Year’s resolutions. Here are their resolutions for counseling their patients about prenatal genetic testing. 

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2015 Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing Year in Review


Here are the top five posts posted in 2015:

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Our story: A compliment at Chick-fil-A

A stop on a roadtrip, and the simplest of compliments, reminded me of how good some people can be towards others, particularly those who happen to have Down syndrome.

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ISIS issues fatwa to kill children with Down syndrome: is that wrong?


The Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (ISIS) has issued a fatwa to kill children with disabilities, including those with Down syndrome. Is this wrong?

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Will the FDA regulate Sequenom (and other cfDNA labs)?

Your authors shoe circled

Sequenom launched its MaterniT21 cell free DNA screen on the marketplace in October 2011. Four years later, screens like Sequenom’s remain largely unregulated. The FDA is moving to change that.

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