NIPS: 3 babies with Down syndrome born & 2,432 more selective abortions

MaterniT21verifiinformaSeqA study of noninvasive prenatal screening’s (NIPS) impact on clinical practice has found it may increase misdiagnoses and risk of miscarriage. And that’s not all.Continue Reading

Killing costly babies is “reasonable” says noted bioethicist


In the same week that thirty years ago a doctor advised the parents of Baby Doe to let him die because he had Down syndrome, a noted bioethicist said that some babies should instead be actively killed to save the rest of us money.

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Our story: the innocence of acceptance


Last week on Spring Break, James taught me a lesson on acceptance of others, without even meaning to. 

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A sick, unethical cycle: prenatal testing for Down syndrome

T21 Cell

So many items have cropped up in the past two weeks that here is a listing of all this news about Down syndrome prenatal testing. They lead to a sad conclusion.

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Photo tour of ACMG 2015


Last week, I attended and presented at the American College of Medical Genetics & Genomics annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is a photo tour from the conference. 

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Published! & Presenting at #ACMGMtg

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The current edition of the American Journal of Bioethics Empirical Bioethics is devoted to non-invasive prenatal screening. I was fortunate to have an article published in the issue and will present part of that research at this week’s American College of Medical Genetics & Genomics Annual Meeting. 

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WDSD: a better tomorrow for people with Down syndrome

C-J app

Today, my local newspaper, the Louisville Courier-Journal, carried an op-ed of mine in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. Here are links to the many organizations, programs, and individuals I mentioned that are making a better tomorrow for people with Down syndrome. 

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Support Accurate Information for World Down Syndrome Day

trisomy 21

World Down Syndrome Day is March 21 every year. Here are two ways to help provide accurate information about Down syndrome to expectant moms. 

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1-in-5 pregnant women have NIPT


And Sequenom posted its first net profit last quarter. 

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