Adoption: Absolutely Beautiful

National Down Syndrome Adoption Network logoHere is a nine-minute video that introduces the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network and its director, Stephanie Thompson. 

In the video, Thompson shares about being a birth parent herself, her support and counseling of families considering adoption, and you meet a family who has adopted two children with Down syndrome. Thompson also shares a very moving letter written by a birth mother who chose adoption; after reading it, Thompson says, “Absolutely beautiful.” I think you’ll agree with that assessment.

At the end, Thompson shares her fear that at the time cell free DNA screening was introduced, she thought “the phone would stop ringing.” However, that has not happened. The phone is still ringing, Thompson says, and how good it is that she is the one answering the phone.

While adoption is an option to consider after a prenatal test result, too often, health care providers do not include this option when counseling their patients, presenting the choice as binary: continue or terminate. The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN) has decades of experience of counseling and supporting expectant parents considering adoption and families who are considering adopting a child with Down syndrome. You can contact and learn more about NDSAN by visiting its website.

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