Podcast Episode 1, What does your prenatal test result for Down syndrome mean?

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I wouldn’t cure Down syndrome because then my sister would be different

Reactions to my post on if there was "cure" for Down syndrome, would you do it have come from near and far. Here's a summary, concluding with an honest, heartfelt response from very near to me.  Continue Reading

Cure for Down syndrome promised with just a single injection

If you could give your loved one with Down syndrome a shot that would eliminate their extra 21st Chromosome, would you? This may be a very real question in the not too distant future.  Continue Reading

The cold, dumb logic of cost-effectiveness justification for prenatal genetic testing

Down syndrome has long been called the "canary in the genetics coalmine." Here's another example of why.  Continue Reading

Our Story: Support when you need it

Over Labor Day weekend, we experienced an emergency situation. Fortunately, support was there when we needed it. Continue Reading

Ohio’s Down Syndrome Abortion Bill: Avoiding the Issue

For the second time, an Ohio state representative has introduced a bill to ban abortion when the stated reason is a prenatal test result for Down syndrome. The debate about the bill, and the measure itself, avoid the issue about Down syndrome selective abortion.  Continue Reading

Eclipsing Down syndrome

On August 21, 2017, the first full solar eclipse spanned the continental United States. Our family was there to see it and the experience prompted this reflection on what the world is doing to those with Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Persistent challenges: bigotry and ethical prenatal testing

A visit to National Park sites, a presentation to medical professionals in Kansas City, a violent protest in Charlottesville, and a news report out of Iceland all came together in less than a week as a reminder of the persistent challenge of our bigotry against our fellow human beings.  Continue Reading

Iowa Supreme Court recognizes wrongful birth claim

On June 2, 2017, the Iowa Supreme Court recognized for the first time the claim of "wrongful birth". The Court also recognized that the state legislature may enact legislation barring such claims.  Continue Reading