Eclipsing Down syndrome

On August 21, 2017, the first full solar eclipse spanned the continental United States. Our family was there to see it and the experience prompted this reflection on what the world is doing to those with Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Our Story: camping, hiking, & canoeing the Red River Gorge

This post will have many photographs of a camping trip my kids and I took. They are images that many parents can't imagine when they're told their child has Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

The impact of a life with Down syndrome

What is the impact of a life with Down syndrome? A new study reports on the impact on families and one young woman's life testifies to the impact a life with Down syndrome can have.   Continue Reading

Envisioning a life with a child with Down syndrome

Envisioning a life with a child with Down syndrome is one of the biggest challenges for most expectant parents receiving a prenatal test result. Here's how the testing laboratories' images frame that future and what resources are available to help patients see the possibilities of a future with a child with Down syndrome. Continue Reading

Our story: IQ, IEPs, & Injustice

Yesterday, I attended a three-hour IEP meeting for my daughter. It demonstrated the systematic injustice that disables those it labels disabled. Continue Reading

Sarah Knapton: Please update your inaccurate, biased report on the NHS offering NIPT to high-risk mums

Sarah Knapton reports in The Telegraph that Britain's National Health Service will offer non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). The inaccuracies and biases of the report require an update. Continue Reading

The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome: A Review

There's a new resource for parents of children with Down syndrome. It may be just right for you. Continue Reading

A&E’s Born This Way: Down syndrome meets The Real World

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, at 10 pm on A&E, individuals with Down syndrome break down another barrier: they star in a reality-TV show called Born This Way.  Continue Reading

The ABLE Act: changing the cost of a life with Down syndrome

Since the House of Representatives passed the ABLE Act in December 2014, it has gone on to be enacted into law with dozens of states already enacting enabling legislation for the ABLE savings accounts and the Treasury Department finalizing regulations for these accounts. A thought occurred on the impact these savings accounts will also have on prenatal genetic testing. Continue Reading