Down syndrome birth statistics, so far

ds birth stats august 6 2013Over at Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action (DSAIA), my report on birth statistics has been posted. It explains the above graph showing an overall decline in Down syndrome births in 2013, so far.

In an earlier post, I had invited organizations from around the country to report their number of birth referrals so far in 2013. This request was prompted by one group reporting a significant drop-off.A follow-up post wondered if this drop-off was due to an overall decline in births that the United States is experiencing.

My report at DSAIA reports the numbers so far: an overall decline of 10%, with some groups remaining stable while others experiencing a fall-off of up to 40%, but with no groups experiencing any growth at a time when there are more pregnancies than ever that would be positive for Down syndrome.

What is your reaction to these numbers? 


  1. valueall says:

    Makes me feel so very sad on the one hand and angry on the other that humans can be so cruel.

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