From the News Page: Son with Down syndrome “a gift from God” says Rep McMorris Rodgers

Today’s news features only positive news: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers talked about her son and Down syndrome in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, a Chelsea football club, an Irish cartoon, a toddler wanting to get on the Ellen show, a movie screening, and an image that answers what to call someone with Down syndrome. Enjoy. 

  • Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave a well-received response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. The section quoted below was an important perspective to share about Down syndrome in a national address that the nation needs to hear:

Three days after we gave birth to our son, Cole, we got news no parent expects.
Cole was diagnosed with Down syndrome.
The doctors told us he could have endless complications, heart defects, even early Alzheimer’s.
They told us all the problems.
But when we looked at our son, we saw only possibilities.
We saw a gift from God.
Today we see a 6-year old boy who dances to Bruce Springsteen; who reads above grade level; and who is the best big brother in the world.
We see all the things he can do, not those he can’t.
Cole, and his sisters, Grace and Brynn, have only made me more determined to see the potential in every human life – that whether we are born with an extra twenty-first chromosome or without a dollar to our name – we are not defined by our limits, but by our potential.

  • Chelsea Football Club launches football team aimed specifically for individuals with Down syndrome.
  • Almost 3-year old daughter with Down syndrome impressively identifies the Presidents, even by just the tops of their heads. Her mom is wanting to get her on Ellen to see how well she does against the audience. My money’s on her.
  • An Irish cartoon starring a young girl with Down syndrome is voiced by a young woman with Down syndrome.
  • The Producer for the film Produce announces a test screening of the film, which only wrapped a few months ago; it stars a local Louisvillian who has Down syndrome.
  • An image that conveys the point of this post (HT: to Lose the Label FB page, where you can see more images like this one):

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