News: Realizations from having a child with Down syndrome

The kids when they were both under 2 years of age.

J&J when they were toddlers

Been a while since I updated the News page. Here’s some posts from recent days on realizations parents, particularly moms, have made in having a child with Down syndrome.

  • One mom, who blogs at sugaranspiceKDnE, shares how she received the “earth shattering news” from her doctor that her Panorama NIPS test had “tested positive for Down syndrome.” How she confirmed the results through an amniocentesis. And, how it was her daughter who changed her perspective and where she turned to find hope. Read the whole thing (it’s brief and powerful).
  • One mom’s experience receiving a postnatal diagnosis. Candidly tells of all the thoughts going through her head, many of which I had myself. One excerpt from the post:

Even though I was hurting I still felt love for her and felt very protective of her immediately. I just looked at her while she slept and wondered about how life would be. Told her I would be here for her and that I will always be her mommy and love her to the end of the world and back over and over again.

Also, spot the number of ways the medical professionals entrusted with caring for her and her daughter could have done a better job.

  • A father writes of becoming a grandfather again, after his daughter adopted a child with Down syndrome. How she responded to the question of why adopt a child with Down syndrome?

We focused much on the “why not” because we really wanted people to grasp that Ezekiel is a person and worthy of life and love.

Theirs was an international adoption. If you are interested in adopting a child with Down syndrome in the United States, or considering releasing your child for adoption, contact the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network.

  • Jisun Lee, who blogs at KimchiLatkes, approaches the realization that other parents shared when she first learned her son had Down syndrome. Surprised then to read they wouldn’t change their child having Down syndrome, now she’s approaching that same acceptance, as though this was the life she was meant to have with her son. Beautifully written with a wonderful analogy to surfing.

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