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trisomy 21World Down Syndrome Day is March 21 every year. Here are two ways to help provide accurate information about Down syndrome to expectant moms. 

According to the latest research, most expectant women have some type of prenatal testing. With the advent of noninvasive prenatal screening in 2011, in just three years it has become so prevalent that 20% of all pregnancies have NIPS testing. But, as comments found at these posts here, here, and here relate, expectant moms are not being given accurate information about the testing itself or about Down syndrome.

Here are two ways to help provide that information these expectant moms are looking for when they accept prenatal testing.


Lettercase, one of the member organizations of the National Center for Prenatal & Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources is running a sale through March 21. Lettercase distributes the booklet Understanding a Down syndrome diagnosis, THE resource identified by both expectant mothers and professional guidelines as the information to be provided when a positive test result is delivered. Act now to purchase this resource at a discounted price for yourself, your obstetrician, and your local Down syndrome organization. Click this link here for more information on the sale and making a purchase.


Make a donation today to support the National Center for Prenatal & Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources. You can do so by simply clicking the “DONATE” button located on the right side of this webpage. By donating, you will be supporting the Center’s work of developing and distributing the resources for supporting women across the continuum of their pregnancy: from the Lettercase pamphlet on prenatal testing, to Understanding mentioned above, to Diagnosis to Delivery for those who decide to continue, and, which provides on-line information for parents and training to medical professionals on how to deliver a diagnosis.

If this blog has helped you with your own experience with prenatal testing, provided insight into the issues related to prenatal genetic testing, shared news items and research studies that you weren’t aware of, or given you a new way of thinking about individuals with Down syndrome, then I hope you will take advantage of Lettercase’s sale or make a donation in honor of World Down Syndrome Day.


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  2. I had been thinking of giving my contribution to you guys. You’ve been of great help and support! Thank you so much and keep up the hard and honest work!

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