Mary Harris’ Only Human on Down syndrome prenatal testing: corrections and appreciation

Mary Harris reported on a woman that launched the search for a prenatal test for Down syndrome. While some key corrections should be made for any future reports, overall, Harris' is a piece of reporting to be appreciated.  Continue Reading

New Resource for World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week is the first week of August. Here is a resource to help new moms with breastfeeding an infant with Down syndrome. Continue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day: Thank you for believing

Happy Mother's Day! Thank you to all the moms for believing in their children. Continue Reading

Down syndrome: dad keeps son, a mom terminates, and a state tries to ban selective abortions

Three stories that kicked off 2015 involving Down syndrome have drawn commentary from fellow parent/bloggers worth considering: Continue Reading

What’s wrong with the Yahoo! story of why a mom terminated her pregnancy for Down syndrome

What's wrong is that the decision was made after receiving false information, not all the information, and without seeking more information. And, what's more, this is happening so often as to be the norm of how prenatal testing is administered. Continue Reading

We do not want sympathy, but we do want love and support

At the News page, some highlights on what you can't expect when you receive a prenatal test result for Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Burden or caregiver?

A report on elderly parents of individuals with Down syndrome living longer lives offers a perspective for expectant parents to consider. Continue Reading

A gift for expectant mothers recently revamped its website. Perfect timing in this season of giving as DSP is a gift for expectant mothers. Continue Reading

small talk (about BIG things)

I'm having the pleasure of reading Amy Julia Becker's newest book, small talk. I expect you will enjoy it as well. Continue Reading