For medical elites, prenatal testing for Down syndrome is to allow for abortion

The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine have issued new guidelines on the administration of prenatal screening and diagnostic testing. A critical reading of the guidelines makes clear that the justifications given for prenatal testing are limited in the case of Down syndrome to allowing for aborting the pregnancy and that preserving the availability of abortion as an option is the primary concern in the administration of prenatal Continue Reading

Sequenom’s Whole Genome Sequencing: Reckless Prenatal Care

Sequenom, the maker of MaterniT21, has announced a further expansion of its testing: MaterniT Genome. This continues the reckless practice of prenatal genetic testing.  Continue Reading

Prenatal Testing Stakeholder Symposium to be held in Washington DC

Thursday, July 16, 2015, an oft-stated, but rarely occurring, meeting will be held. If you can get there, I hope to see you in attendance. Continue Reading

Don’t abort based on MaterniT21

Or based on Harmony, verifi, Panorama, or any of the new prenatal blood-based tests for Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

How to deliver a Down syndrome diagnosis … better

Too many parents have bad experiences from how their medical team delivered the diagnosis that their child has Down syndrome. Fortunately, research, guidelines, and online training exist on how best to deliver the diagnosis. Continue Reading

The ripple effect of medical outreach

As part of my work with the National Center, we exhibit at medical professional conferences. I look forward to hearing how our efforts effected positive change in serving patients. Continue Reading

What to expect for Down syndrome prenatal testing for 2014

This week's posts so far have shared the top 5 blog posts from the past and the top developments in Down syndrome prenatal testing in 2013. With the new year just beginning, we now look ahead to what can be expected for Down syndrome prenatal testing in 2014. Continue Reading

The new era of Down syndrome prenatal testing

The newest prenatal testing recommendation now adds microarray testing to the options available for expectant moms. But how does this apply specifically to prenatal testing for Down syndrome? Continue Reading

New guidelines to blindside expectant moms with toxic knowledge

In a surprising twist on what is considered quality, evidence-based healthcare, new guidelines recommend that expectant moms be blindsided with toxic knowledge. Continue Reading