Different is not defective

Today is World Birth Defects Day, chosen for 3/3 representing the statistic that about 1-in-33 births will be born with a birth defect. Let's see how some are celebrating #WorldBDDay. Continue Reading

An invitation to Richard Dawkins: come meet my daughter

Richard Dawkins, in his words, "let slip the dogs of Twitterwar" yesterday with a tweet about Down syndrome, abortion, and morality. That tweet and his response since, demonstrates he is profoundly ignorant about Down syndrome. So, Prof. Dawkins, you're invited to meet someone with Down syndrome to cure that ignorance. Continue Reading

World Autism Awareness Day: dual diagnosis with Down syndrome

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Autism is yet another condition that shows individuals with Down syndrome are individuals first. Continue Reading

Down syndrome is/is not a superpower

How should moms tell their children that they have a disability? Well, there seems to be a disagreement about that.  Continue Reading

From the News page: Mothers’ experience

Over at the News page, today's entries feature the lessons learned by moms raising their children with Down syndrome. Continue Reading

Free Webinar: What is Prenatal Testing & How Can Affiliates Respond?

Next Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 1:00 - 2:30 pm, EST, Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action is hosting a free webinar on prenatal testing for Down syndrome. Click here to register.  Continue Reading

Top developments in Down syndrome prenatal testing for 2013

Finishing the year-in-review posts, here are what I believe are the developments in Down syndrome prenatal testing that had and will have the greatest impact from 2013: Continue Reading

Top blog posts of 2013

Continuing the year in review, this second installment will cover the most read blog posts of 2013: Continue Reading

Down syndrome diagnosis at the Adoration of the Christ Child

Ten years ago, two researchers noted that a painting from almost 500 years ago depicted some surprising visitors in a Nativity scene.  Continue Reading