Indiana bans Down syndrome selective abortions

Well ... not exactly. Read to the end to see what the law says, what it actually does, and the problem that it codifies about Down syndrome.  Continue Reading

Our story: IQ, IEPs, & Injustice

Yesterday, I attended a three-hour IEP meeting for my daughter. It demonstrated the systematic injustice that disables those it labels disabled. Continue Reading

Sarah Knapton: Please update your inaccurate, biased report on the NHS offering NIPT to high-risk mums

Sarah Knapton reports in The Telegraph that Britain's National Health Service will offer non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). The inaccuracies and biases of the report require an update. Continue Reading

Our story: A compliment at Chick-fil-A

A stop on a roadtrip, and the simplest of compliments, reminded me of how good some people can be towards others, particularly those who happen to have Down syndrome. Continue Reading

ISIS issues fatwa to kill children with Down syndrome: is that wrong?

The Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (ISIS) has issued a fatwa to kill children with disabilities, including those with Down syndrome. Is this wrong? Continue Reading

Pixar’s Inside Out: moron, mongo, and normalizing disability bigotry

Pixar released a movie Inside Out featuring characters embodying human emotions which are played out inside people's minds. A mom calls attention to how Pixar has normalized disability bigotry for viewers of Inside Out. Continue Reading

Different is not defective

Today is World Birth Defects Day, chosen for 3/3 representing the statistic that about 1-in-33 births will be born with a birth defect. Let's see how some are celebrating #WorldBDDay. Continue Reading

Our story: these hands

The hands of people can tell you many things. The hands of those with Down syndrome are no different. Continue Reading

An invitation to Richard Dawkins: come meet my daughter

Richard Dawkins, in his words, "let slip the dogs of Twitterwar" yesterday with a tweet about Down syndrome, abortion, and morality. That tweet and his response since, demonstrates he is profoundly ignorant about Down syndrome. So, Prof. Dawkins, you're invited to meet someone with Down syndrome to cure that ignorance. Continue Reading