TBT: A child model with Down syndrome, a mom’s video of her pregnancy experience

target-adFor Throw Back Thursday: NBC ran a report last year on a child model; a mother shares in a video her pregnancy experience; and, a tennis camp for individuals with Down syndrome.

  • NBC News features Ryan Langston, a child model who happens to have Down syndrome. His mom says,

We all want to see who’s like us. And I think that they’re no different than anybody else. They want to see themselves included in the — in the landscape that is, you know, our life.

  • Another mom is inspired to shop at Target despite the recent customer information breach after seeing an advertisement that included a model with Down syndrome; the image she features for her blog post is of Ryan Langston.
  • One mom shares her pregnancy experience in a video after receiving a positive screen result for an elevated chance of having a child with Down syndrome.
  • And, this post from last January, about a a tennis camp specifically for individuals with Down syndrome. In the video, one of the interviewees says, “I didn’t expect them to be as good as they are.


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