The Transformative Experience of Down Syndrome

C-J appToday my local paper ran my op-ed (available here) on how knowing someone with Down syndrome can be a transformative experience. Here are the links for the examples I use in the column.

  • Cam Brasington, the genetic counselor who was “charmed” by her patients with Down syndrome (subscription required).
  • Physicians with a relationship with someone with Down syndrome perceive the condition more positively (subscription required).
  • Brian Skotko, the brother who went on to head a Down syndrome clinic and conduct research finding siblings consider themselves better people for having a brother or sister with Down syndrome.
  • The video about Johnny the Bagger.
  • The Kentucky Down Syndrome Information Act, which I have written about here, and here (last one has video of me and the kids).
  • Post about my Top 5 stories of homecoming kings and queens from 2012 (feel free to share a link to stories you know about in the comments).
  • And, below is the video that went viral of the father who first rejected his daughter with Down syndrome, and then was transformed:


I should also acknowledge (for the second time this week) Dr. Alberto Costa. At his presentation in Columbus, Ohio last month, he closed by talking about the transformative experience of having a child with Down syndrome and gave me the inspiration for the theme of the op-ed.

Finally, as mentioned in the op-ed, this Saturday is my local organization’s annual Walk–our largest awareness-  and fund-raising event of the year. You can support my daughter’s team by making a secure on-line donation at this link. If able to, I hope you will join us this Saturday where you may have your own transformative experience.


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